A mastopexy or breast lift will raise and reshape a woman’s breasts.  Over the years breasts can lose their shape and firmness due to pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations and gravity.  A breast lift, often done in conjunction with a breast augmentation, can eliminate this inevitable sagging.  If the nipple areolar complex has become enlarged, it can be restored to a smaller size at a preferred height on the breast. 

A mastopexy is done under general anesthesia and takes 2-3 hours.  Incisions extend around the areola and as a vertical line down the lower pole of the breast.  Occasionally this incision extends into the natural crease below the breast.  Through these incisions excess skin is removed and the nipple areolar complex elevated to a more central position on the breast mound.  Strenuous upper body activity may be limited for the first month and often times a supportive bra is worn around the clock for the first several weeks.