Gender Surgery


Gender reassignment surgery is more than an alteration of your anatomy or a reshaping of your figure. Gender reassignment surgery is the final transformation of your external appearance so as to manifest your inner identity. Though many of the techniques and procedures for gender reassignment are similar to that of common cosmetic surgery, this is not merely the enhancement of physical features to improve one’s self-confidence. These procedures have the potential to alter deeply personal situations in every aspect of your life. Finding a surgeon you trust, who understands the magnitude of your decision, is sensitive to your distinctive needs, provides the utmost discretion, and most importantly, has the expertise to perform specific procedures well, can be as crucial as the choice to have the surgery.
For male to female patients, breast augmentation, nipple correction, tracheal shave and facial feminization are available procedures. Facial Musculinization, Mastectomy and implant surgeries are offered to female to male patients. Dr. A.Kalantarov and Dr K.Matitashvili expertise in cosmetic surgery; including rhinoplasty, cheek and chin implants, and other specialized procedures found on this website, may offer patients additional options for enhancement and reconstruction.