Konstantin Matitashvili


Konstantin Matitashvili



Date of birth: 1975

1992-1999 – Tbilisi State Medical University

1999-2004 – State Medical Academy, Residency Training Program Plastic Surgery and Combustiology

1995 – Training in microdermoabrasia technique. Kharkov, Ukraine

1999-2000 – Private Practice in “SANKO” Medical Center, Gaziantep, Turkey

1998-2004 – M.D.S. Cosmetological Department ; Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine

2000 – Training in Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatocosmetology, Clinica “Villa Letizia”, Milano,

2001 – Training in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery “C.T.O.” Cathedra Chirurgia Plastica e Ricconstrutiva, Professor G.P.Ambroggo, Turin, Italy

2002 – Training in Bariartric Surgery, Universita Degly Study di Torino, Professor Mario Morino, Turin, Italy

2004 – Medical Center “JUNONA”; Plastic Surgery Consultant

2006 up today – “SMILE TRAIN” International Foundation Partnership Treatment Grant Program Manager

2005 – Face Endoscopic Surgery Training Full Course (O. Ramirez USA) Russia.

2006 – II International Congress of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. Armenia.

2007 – The 14th International Congress of the International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Berlin, GERMANY

2008 – 19th Congress of the international society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Melbourne, Australia

2008 – V International Plastic Surgery Course; Facial Rejuvenation and Body Contouring; Russia, Ekaterinburg

2008 – Cleft ICPF Conference, September 22-27, Dallas, TEXAS, USA

2008 – 2nd International Symmetria Meeting, November 21-23, Athens, GREECE. Advances in Aesthetic Plastic

Surgery and Anti-Aging Refining Old Techniques, Defining New Strategies

2009 – Treatment of Congenital Clefts in developing countries, techniques and methods. 22-25 January Ferrara, ITALY

2009 – 11th International Congress on Cleft Lip and Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies, 10-13 Sept. Fortaleza, BRAZIL

2009 – 15th IPRAS International Congress, 29 Nov -3 Dec, India, New-Dehli

2010 – 20th ISAPS Congress,  August 14-18,  San-Francisco,  USA

2012 – VII International Plastic Surgery Course, June 8-11, Ekaterinburg, Russia

2012 - 21th ISAPS Congress, September 4-8, Geneva, Switzerland

2013 – 3rd ISAPS International Course-Training for Plastic Surgeons, June 7-9,  St. Petersburg, Russia

ISAPS National Secretary
Member of IPRAS
Member of GEOPRAS