Intensive Care



Department of Aneasthesiology and Intensive Care


Many patients considering plastic surgery have natural concerns about undergoing anaesthesia. Fortunately advances in monitoring equipment and improved anaesthesia drugs have largely contributed to improved overall anaesthesia safety. The risk of serious injury from anaesthesia is statistically quite low. At CARAPS MEDLINE, administration of anaesthesia is overseen by board certified anaesthesiologists K.Tutberidze, M.D. and I.Gelegurtashvili, M.D. At a preoperative appointment prior to surgery each patient is evaluated by one of our anaesthesiologists for a thorough history and examination. Patients undergoing procedures at CARAPS MEDLINE will have either monitored sedation (MAC anaesthesia) or general anaesthesia. More minor procedures such as small scar revisions, liposuction, or excision of lesions can be performed under local anaesthesia administered by the plastic surgeon and do not necessitate an anaesthesiologist or operating room. General anaesthesia relies on a combination of inhaled gases and intravenous medications to render an individual unconscious and thereby pain free. It is necessary to complete more involved procedures such as facelifts, breast surgery, and body contouring procedures like liposuction or tummy tucks. Vital life functions such as blood pressure and oxygen saturation are monitored throughout the surgery.